How Evacuation Chairs Work?

Monday , 2, March 2020 Comments Off on How Evacuation Chairs Work?

As a business, whether you are a small office with a limited workforce or a large corporate company that has a regular customer foot flow throughout the day, it is important that you have contingency plans in place if an emergency occurs during working time. Many businesses will carry out regular fire tours ensuring everyone is aware of the nearest fire exits and procedures that are in place; but along with such plans it’s important that you have specialist equipment such as evacuation chairs which will help with a safe and efficient evacuation process.

There is no denying that the evacuation chair may not look like it will be very sturdy in an emergency situation on first appearances; however, it provides a strong and successful solution for safe and rapid evacuation for businesses that are more than one story high. Standard evacuation chairs from top manufacturers have been designed to retain substantial load weights in a safe manner, some of which can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg. Have a look at this page for more info on this.

How do the Chairs at Evac work?

By gripping onto the stairs and effectively turning them into a ramp to allow for a smooth, safe and controlled dismount, the evac chairs we supply are guaranteed to ensure those that have difficulty getting up and down stairs don’t struggle in an emergency situation.

To order to ensure that the individual remains safe and secure during the escape phase, both chairs come complete with protective belts and a variety of breaking devices that can be used by both the person in the chair and the assistants.

Why Have Evacuation Chairs?

If properly used evacuation chairs can be of great help to companies in an emergency situation. Therefore, it is vitally important that you undergo preparation that many evacuation experts will be willing to provide before purchasing new evacuation seats, whether of a similar model as those you had previously or of a completely different nature.

These training courses will show you how the exact model you’ve got works, how to locate the brakes, how to set up the chair and how to use it safely in any situation.

Whether you’ve recently undergone a security audit or are looking to purchase the latest safety equipment, your local evacuation specialists ‘ evacuation chairs are a must for all businesses. If you would like more details or receive training on how to use such a device safely, please do not hesitate to call the closest drug evacuation experts who will be able to help.