Inflatable Water Slides

Saturday , 15, February 2020 Comments Off on Inflatable Water Slides

Backyards provide a ready-made open air entertainment area. There’s no lack of activities from kid’s birthday parties and July 4th BBQ’s that will have lots of kids searching for fun things to do. Inflatable party jumpers provide a wide selection of competitions, games and races that will certainly get any crowd going but if the weather is really hot you might want to find fun inflatable water slides to give a relaxing heat blast. Inflatable water slides come in several prototype versions including bubble slides, front end loader slides, double slides and slides with rotating ponds. Visit us on Xtreme Jumpers and Slides.

Summer celebrations are fantastic but if you don’t have a swimming pool or sprinkler then getting an inflatable water slide will do just as well to keep children comfortably happy and comfortable on hot days. Simple to set up and easy to use inflatable slides give children the anticipation of a thrilling ride mixed with the enjoyable splash of cool water for great relaxation in the middle of summer. There is an inflatable slide pattern for all sorts of child party themes whether you are aiming for a steep angle plunge, wide lanes to slip down or double tubes for races. Inflatable water slides are perfect for children and adults and will be a big hit at any backyard event.

A great feature of water slides that swell is that everyone gets a seat. Unlike some swelling jumpers whose pit skills are for everyone in competitive games that can keep some kids out of water slides and the only talent you need is enjoyable. Additionally, several water slides can be used as dry slides so you can have a fun fall and winter tour too.

Another great feature of outdoor slides is that they promote a safe, active lifestyle outdoors. Instead of having children lounge around playing video games and loading up on sugary foods and highly caffeinated soft drinks outdoor water slides, children are urged to be involved and build their own excitation. The movement kids get to scale the slide and sprint around to do it again is a perfect aerobic activity and the excitement can last the whole day as long as the kids stay hydrated.