Tips For Planting Food Plots For Whitetail Deer

Monday , 24, February 2020 Comments Off on Tips For Planting Food Plots For Whitetail Deer

Deer seasons are coming and going, but the deer still around your hunting grounds are still looking for some food. What better way to keep them in your area than to plant food parcels they’ll need to get through until next season. Homepage¬†offers excellent info on this.

Hold Deer in Your Hunting Area Whitetail deer is a fairly homely group and will live in an area that’s the most stable for their well-being if given the chance. One of those opportunities you can give them is planting food plots for whitetail, but you have to be willing to do the work to make it grow effectively.

Planting Healthy Plots Planting healthy plots for these deer is a great way to keep the deer in hunting areas. While most deer will only roam up to a mile from where they were born, bucks were known to roam up to 5 miles, especially during the rut. The only 3 things a deer really needs to survive are food sources, water, and shelter. If by planting food plots you can provide at least one of the big 3, whitetail deer will be more likely to stay in the places that are better suited to their survival.

Keys To Planting The keys to planting whitetail food plots will be specific for all parts of the country, but the method is still the same wherever you are. A few factors that can make or break a productive food plot are soil pH, soil drainage, soil composition. Learning what your soil will need to be as productive as possible should be your main objective before you even think about digging it up to planting.

Wasting your cash?

Before I learned exactly what to do to make my food plots productive and hold whitetail deer throughout the season, I spent a lot of money. So if you are still wasting money without the results that you expected, just like I was, you need an action plan.

Reeping The Rewards I recently came across a step-by-step strategy for whitetail deer planting food plots. Last year I put it to the test in a few places and to my amazement it just worked as it should. I followed the step-by-step plan to the letter and I ended the season with 3 great mature doings and at least got the chance to see some really nice bucks even though I didn’t get a shot at them with my bow. So I owe my food plots a really great hunting season and still have deer roaming around the area because of that even now.